How did the Universe Begin?
Two Logical Choices:

Section Three

Since science supports that the universe has a beginning and that it is dying, how did the universe begin?

Logic supports that understanding how the universe began must be based on the universal law of decay. For the universe to exist there must be a source that is not subject to the universal law of decay. Whatever or Whoever created the universe cannot be controlled by the universal law of decay (a natural law).

If the source of the universe or the Creator(s) of the universe were controlled by the law of decay, then the universe would have ended in the distant past due to decay. Therefore, the source of the universe or the Creator(s) of the universe would not be controlled by decay. Logic leads to the conclusion that the source or Creator(s) must be above the natural world (using the word "supernatural" has become a logical necessity). Based on the law of decay and logic, there are only two potential sources for how the universe came to be as follows:

  1. A "mindless supernatural mother universe" that gives birth to baby universes.
  2. An Intelligent Designer(s) that created the universe.

This page discusses these two logical choices.

Some people may reason that the universe must only have a natural source. If this were true, then our universe is simply a universe or chain of universes that is dying. But the universal law of decay and logic "ultimately" do NOT support this flawed viewpoint.

To support this viewpoint, the research on this web site presents evidence that shows spiritual truth appears to have been revealed to the human race (at a high level of confidence). For intellectually honest people, the spiritual foundation of the universe is necessary to consider.

Discuss Logical Choice Number One
. . . The universe began by chance only

  • Did the Universe Begin by Chance? In general, most scientists will say that God cannot be accepted by science. Because of this viewpoint, new ways of looking at the universe have evolved. To do this, you have to use your imagination. Are there unseen universes?
  • To justify that the universe came to be by chance alone, scientists want people to believe that untold numbers of universes somehow came to exist. This is to say there are billions and billions and billions of universes (often referred to as a multi-verse instead of a universe, or parallel universes, bubble universes, baby universes, etc). As the story goes, only one, maybe a few of these universes have evolved life. If this is true, then life is a chance event. Therefore, this viewpoint theorizes there is no Creator(s).

    One concrete flaw confronts this theory. No one will ever know if even one other universe actually exists. I choose to quote a well-known author and how he summed up this viewpoint.

    "One hears a great deal about "other" universes in cosmology today: "parallel universes," "baby universes," "bubble universes." But these appeals to invisible universes have a certain unpersuasive quality to them: They are reminiscent of medieval theologians' speculations about the number of angels that could dance on the head of a pin.

    " Patrick Glynn, God the Evidence page 8

    Is the random generation of life in the universe credible?

    In truth, no one will ever know if the random universe theory is true based on reason alone or mind-bending experiments. The correct assessment is that the random universe idea is best viewed as a form of "blind faith." For people who emotionally support this viewpoint as being credible, it should be viewed as religious "blind faith."

  • How Much Faith is Required to Believe the Universe Began by Chance Alone?
  • Scientists who study the Big Bang theory and physical matter (subatomic particles) have calculated the likelihood (probability) that the universe began by chance alone. According to these scientists, the probabilities against a chance universe are beyond our imaginations. Click on "quick pop-up" link entitled "Did the Universe Begin by Chance Alone" on the right side below if you would like to gain insight into how unlikely it is that the universe began by chance alone.

Logic leads us to conclude that this viewpoint requires faith the size of the only known universe we live in as well as adding in all the unknown universes (gargantuan faith). Due to this conclusion, there is no valid reason to have confidence in the viewpoint that the universe began by chance alone.

Chance Universes:
(quick pop-up links)

Did the Universe Begin by Chance Alone

The assumption that the Universe does NOT appear to be designed
...or is it designed?

Ultimate description of Atheist View
...Betting an earthworm will win a horserace!

The Naturalist world view (non-scientific assumptions) is summarized below:

  1. The Naturalist must ignore the three laws of thermodynamics.
  2. The Naturalist must ignore the fact that the universe has existed only one time as verified by the discovery that the universe is accelerating its expansion rate.
  3. Naturalism requires unbelievable levels of complete blind faith, which is equivalent to betting than an earthworm will win a horserace.

Based on the summary above and the fact that use of the word "supernatural" is a logical necessity, we come to a very important assumption in our search for the spiritual reality:

"We expect to observe supernatural events in the one and only known universe"

Discuss Logical Choice Number Two
. . . The universe was created by a Super Being

  • Does it take Blind Faith to Believe the Universe was Created? Since the probability of the universe beginning by chance is beyond our imaginations, it is credible to use science to check out the world's religions. Will we find a faith that will withstand the scrutiny of using science to check it out?
  • In the next section, we will discover that the principles derived from the scientific views of Albert Einstein permit us to analyze world religions. By using Einstein relativity, the research concludes that God appears to have revealed spiritual truth to the human race at a high confidence level (99.9% confidence level). And it is important to understand that this conclusion is based on using the biased view of Atheists.

  • How Much Faith is Required to Believe the Universe was Created? As stated in the previous paragraph, spiritual truth appears to have been revealed to the human race at the 99.9% confidence level (using the viewpoint of an Atheist). Based on this conclusion, a very small amount of faith is required. There is only 1 chance in 1,000 that this conclusion would be wrong due to random error. This is like having faith the size of a mustard seed (the biblical viewpoint).

"...if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can ... (Matthew 17:20 [NASB])

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