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Quick Overview: How Science suggests that God created the universe

Below is a quick overview with four general links (Sections) that discuss how science relates directly to the field of religion. Some people view the fields of science and religion as opposing each other. However, this web page uses evidence to support that there is an intriguing link between these two fields of study.

To make this claim credible, the scientific facts on this web page find support in web pages at NASA, Harvard, Princeton, Berkeley, Rutgers, Cambridge and other universities. Should you wish to look deeper into the ideas summarized in the science section, then please click on the links that will lead you to other web sites (i.e. NASA, Harvard...) for in-depth information. To help you understand the information; it is ideal if you read through each section in sequence.

  1. Section One
    Science Supports that the Universe had a Beginning
    (Was the Universe Created?)
  2. Section one presents science-based evidence that supports the Big Bang theory or that the universe had a beginning. Five basic discoveries (from 1905 to 2003) provide credible evidence that support the Big Bang theory.

    But how can the universe with a beginning relate to the study of religion?

    In general, most religions have always taught that the universe was created or that it had a beginning. In contrast, scientists taught (up to the 1920s) that the universe had existed forever. In this case, the majority of scientists changed their view of the universe and now acknowledge that the universe did have a beginning. The opposing fields of science and religion now have a common link: the universe had a beginning. Consider the following biblical verse written more than 2,700 years ago.

    "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth... (Genesis 1:1 [NASB])

  3. Section Two
    Science Supports that the Universe will End
  4. In section two, science-based evidence is presented that supports the universe is not capable of sustaining itself. Very simply, the universe is dying. The universal law of decay is the foundation of this viewpoint. And the Hubble Space Telescope has documented the decaying universe. For example, NASA has about 1,000 photos of dying sun-like stars.

    As time moves forward, the sun will continue to decay. In the distant future, life on earth as we know it today will not be possible.

    How does the universe destined to end relate to the study of religion?

    In general, the idea of a universe coming to an end is found in some religions. In contrast, scientists taught that the universe had existed forever and that the universe would last eternally (up to the 1920s). So the majority of scientists has changed their view of the universe and acknowledge that the universe will end. The opposing fields of science and religion have another common link: the end of the universe. Consider the following biblical verses written more than 1,900 and 2,500 years ago.

    "... I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end (Revelation 22:13 [NASB])

    "... I am the first, I am also the last. "Surely My hand founded the earth, And My right hand spread out the heavens; When I call to them, they stand together (Isaiah 48:12b-13 [NASB])

  5. Section Three
    Did the universe begin by chance or was the universe created? (We only have two logical choices)
  6. In section two, we learned that the universal law of decay supports that the universe is dying. By using logic based on the law of decay, we conclude that there are only two ways in which the universe could have begun.

    • A Lucky Roll of the Dice: People who favor an Atheist world view believe that the universe began by chance alone. However, the probability of the universe coming about by chance alone is so poor that there is no reason to have any confidence in this viewpoint. Scientists acknowlege and agree with this assessment. Consider the frustration in the following statement that is based on an Atheist world view:
    • "The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it also seems pointless..."
      Steven Weinberg, Physicist

      John Polkinghorne, "The End of the World and the Ends of God," quote of Steven Weinberg on p 32, Trinity Press International, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, copyright 2000.

      Steven Weinberg, "The First Three Minutes"

    • An Intelligent Designer created the universe: People of faith believe that the universe was created by a Super Intelligent Being. But can we have confidence in this viewpoint?

      The spiritual section of this website presents material evidence that shows it is credible to have confidence in this world view. And this positive conclusion is based on using a negative (Atheist) viewpoint of the Bible. Since the most negative world view supports that believing in God is credible, we believe that you will be blessed and find peace and joy as you read this website.

    Finally, section three contains the logic that justifies using science to check out the world's religions. This is based on science and is briefly stated as follows:

    Why Use Science to Check Out Religion

    • Fact 1: Science supports that the possibility of the universe beginning by chance alone is zero, (so poor it is beyond our imaginations).

    • Fact 2: Scientists have calculated that there is no reason to have confidence in a universe beginning by chance.

    Based on these facts, the next logical step is to use science to check out the world's religions. Will we find a faith or many faiths that will withstand the scrutiny of using science to check it out?

  7. Section Four
    Using Einstein Relativity to Look into Religious Beliefs
    (Can we "know" spiritual truth?)
  8. Takes you to the Quick Overview Page
    for the Religion Section

    In section four, the ideas of Albert Einstein related to "time travel" are presented as a method that can be used to discover spiritual truth. This method also permits us to calculate a confidence level. You will discover that it is credible to have faith in God.

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