Archaeological Evidence and
... Scholarly Research Verify
. . . the book of Acts is accurate

Supporting Data and Analysis

A substantial amount of archaeological evidence has been unearthed, which makes the Christian faith credible. This evidence permits us to answer the question "How credible is a spiritual belief system if it only uses a book as its spiritual guide with no external evidence to support it?"

Credible Research by a Classic Scholar
Uses Data to Challenge His Scholarly Peers (Naturalists (Atheists))

The classic scholar, Dr. Colin J. Hemer wrote The Book of Acts in the Setting of Hellenistic History. Dr. Hemer's work compares the texts written into the book of Acts to archaeological discoveries of the past 200 years. A careful study taken from Dr. Hemer's work (pages 109 to 158: "Specific Local Knowledge") verifies the Apostle Paul's mission travels did occur (at the 99.9% confidence level). Since the unique events written in the book Acts are matched by archaeological records, Dr. Hemer concludes that Paul and Luke had to be there to record such unique events.

Since the archaeological evidence matches the book of Acts so well, Dr. Hemer's research led him to conclude that the book of Acts was written about AD 62, which aligns with biblical conservatives. Consider a quote from Dr. Hemer. "Acts is more closely integrated with contemporary events than any other New Testament book." (Ibid, p 376). Those opposed to using data to draw conclusion about the book of Acts can only do so based on preconceived bias (such as the assumption that supernatural events are not possible).

Based on Dr. Hemer's research, archaeological evidence permits us to have confidence in the events described in the book of Acts.

How Credible is the book of Acts
Statistical Analysis of the Book of Acts
Infers that the Apostle Paul's Testimony is True!

If the book of Acts were a myth, then we would expect to find no correlation between the ancient artifacts and what Luke wrote. Since the parallel is so good, the probability of the book of Acts being a myth is less than 4 chances in 1037 (1 followed by 37 zeros).2 Saulís testimony as skeptic/persecutor turned Christian appears to be true. Although it takes faith to accept the spiritual details (Paul's conversion story) written into the book of Acts, the amount of faith required is the proverbial biblical saying, the size of a mustard seed (Ref: Luke 17:6).

The high probability value (4 chances in 1037 of being a myth) supports the book of Acts is very credible. If you want to know how this value was derived, please follow the next few links that discuss the method and analysis used. To do this study, two questions are posed in the links below and answered using statistical tools.

  1. How good is the correlation between the book of Acts and the archaeological records?
  2. What is the probability that the book of Acts is an absolute myth?
  3. The Book of Mormon
    Statistical Analysis of the Book of Mormon
    Supports Mormonism has a Shaky Foundation!

    I have also included an analysis of the book of Mormon since no archaeological evidence has been uncovered to support its texts. In addition, the book of Mormon analysis enhances the credibility of the book of Acts.

  4. How well do the archaeological records match the Book of Mormon?

Conclusions for the Book of Acts!

Dr. Hemer's scholarly research verifies the book of Acts as being an accurate historic record of events related to the early Christians. It is credible to have confidence in texts written in the book of Acts.

Dr. Hemer's research lays a solid foundation for investigating why skeptics became Christians. If skeptics have no evidence, they will continue as skeptics. Therefore, skeptics that became early Christians supports that belief that Jesus actually rose from the dead. Skeptics becoming early Christians are discussed on the next page.

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References for Research:

2: Only 4 chances in 10 billion, billion, billion, billion based on Chi-square test of Independence. In addition, this calculation is based only on Dr. Hemer's scholarly research related to the book of Acts, chapters 13 to 28. This web page will be updated as time permits.

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