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Can science be used to explore the claims of religion? This web site concludes at a high level of confidence that God appears to have revealed spiritual truth to the human race. Ideas such as the soul, angels, eternal life, and other beliefs begin to take on meaning. You ask, "How can science be used to make such claims?" The answer comes from the scientific views of Albert Einstein. Join the quest and walk the fine line between the natural world and the spiritual realm using the tools of modern science.

As you look into the facts and common sense findings on this site, you will discover a link between science and religion. To begin, consider the words of these famous scientists.

"Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind."
Albert Einstein, German-born US physicist:

"I think there are clearly religious implications whenever you start to
discuss the origins of the universe. There must be religious overtones
Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time

The ideas on this web site come from famous people such as Newton, Einstein, Hubbell, Hawking, and many others. You will find links to credible web sites at NASA, Harvard, Princeton, Cambridge and many others.

This web site will answer many questions that you have about life itself. You will find objective answers to questions such as: "Do I have a soul?" "Is the quest for eternal life due to human imagination or is there actual data to support this idea?" There is a high probability that you will learn eternal insights into life itself.

The ideas on this web site are organized into three parts. You will understand the information best if you read each part in sequence.

  1. The initial part is about science and how science shows that there appears to be more to life than the natural world. However, science by itself does not prove that there is a spiritual level beyond the natural world. You will discover that science lays the foundation that implies God does exist.

  2. The second part isolates the scientific methods used to analyze world religions. This is the "key" that begins to unlock the interface between science and religion.

  3. The third part uses the "key" as a method to analyze the religions of Islam and Christianity. Other religions (i.e.. Nostradamus, Judaism . . .) and secular views (atheism, humanism) will be added as the web site develops.

Quick Overview:
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Science: Beginning & End

Einstein: the ideal "Key"

Use the "Key" to find God
(at a high level of confidence)

As a visitor, I urge you to read the Site Map with a Summary, which has hyper links for the entire web site. The Site Map Summary will let you quickly decide how credible the research is for you. After reading the summary, you may choose to skip the science section or a different section. However, you will be informed enough to decide if you want to go to a deeper level to make new discoveries. (When math is used at this site, you'll only have to read about the conclusions. But, if you want to review the math, a pop-up link will be available).

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