Muhammad's Spiritual Experiences
Who is the source of the words in the Qur'an?

Hadith stories support that Muhammad experienced fiery spiritual experiences, trances, and other abnormal phenomenon

All Muslims consider the Qur’an to be without error based on the belief that the Archangel Gabriel spoke each word to Muhammad through spiritual experiences. People close to Muhammad report that Muhammad had very deep spiritual experiences as follows:

"Ayesha [Muhammad's favorite wife] reported "I saw him [Muhammad] while the revelation descended upon him on an intensely cold day; then it left him while his brow steamed with sweat" (Miskat IV).

In another story reported in the Hadith called Sahih Muslim, Book 26, Number 5395, [Search on the referenced site to find the number "5395"] Muhammad is reported to have gone into a trance-like state. Just before this phenomenon occurred, Muhammad was eating his evening meal and had been asked a question by another wife named Sauda. Then the event occurred. As the trance-like state took control over Muhammad, his thoughts and actions appeared to be frozen in time. No gestures or speech proceeded from Muhammad as long as he remained under spiritual captivation. Suddenly the phenomenon ended and Muhammad reentered the conversation with Sauda. The Story about this event reads as follows:

Narrated Ayesha [Muhammad's favorite wife]:

. . . Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) was at that time in my house having his evening meal and there was a bone in his hand. Sauda [Another wife of Muhammad] reclined and said: Allah's Messenger. I went out and 'Umar said to me so and so [Asking Muhammad for permission]. She (Ayesha) reported: There came the revelation to him and then it was over; the bone was then in his hand and he had not thrown it and he said:" Permission has been granted to you that you may go out . . ."

It is apparent that Muhammad experienced trance-like states, fire-filled spiritual experiences, visions, and dreams. But were these words spoken under spiritual captivation from the Archangel Gabriel that had spoke to Daniel the prophet centuries before Jesus Christ was born?

Please Note: Physical evidence and logic are used on this web site to compare Gabriel's words to Daniel the prophet versus Gabriel's words to Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. Since each prophet claims to have received words from the same spiritual being (Gabriel), then the words should agree when the same subject is being presented. However, we find that the words are diametrically opposed. Therefore, simple logic supports that one of these two prophets is a false prophet.

Based on physical evidence of the dead sea scrolls, ancient ossuaries, the Pontius Pilate inscription, and many others, the web site concludes that Gabriel did in fact foretell the future through Daniel the prophet at the 99% confidence level. Who then is the spiritual being that contradicts Daniel the prophet as recorded in the Qur'an through Muhammad?

People who believe Muhammad received words from Gabriel do so on complete "blind faith," even those who were direct witnesses of Muhammad's spiritual experiences.

Please Note: If you have an open mind and will take the time to study in-depth the information on this web site, you can begin to discern that Muhammad did not speak with a spiritual being capable of foretelling the future. To state this another way, only the Creator (Who exists outside the limits of time-space) can accurately and consistently foretell the future random human events. Muhammad did not achieve this necessary requirement (scientific observations are not future random events since they are simply observations). Therefore, it is logical to ask, "Who is the spiritual being that spoke to Muhammad?"

  1. In the Qur'an, Muhammad claims that Jesus did not die on the cross
  2. The Archangel Gabriel's words given to Daniel the prophet foretell that Jesus would die on the cross as a sacrificial offering. "...the Anointed One will be cut off and will have nothing" (Daniel 9:26).
  3. The prophet Isaiah foretells that the Messiah will be killed to atone for the people. "...he was cut off from the land of the living; for the transgression of my people" (Isaiah 53:8).
  4. Four Archeological finds of the 20th century verify that four men existed, who looked into Jesus' eyes on the day of the crucifixion. One of these skeptics became the leader of the early Christians after claiming that Jesus appeared to him in person after the resurrection.
  5. Two former skeptics became dynamic leaders among early Christians. James, the brother of Jesus, became the leader of the church. Saul of Tarsus, who persecuted the church, was transformed on the road to Damascus. Saul became the Apostle Paul, who met the resurrected Jesus through a blinding light spiritual experience. The story of these two skeptics confront the claim of Muhammad that Christians used "conjecture" to claim that Jesus died on the cross. Archaeological evidence and chronology verify that these men lived and died for Jesus. In contrast, Muhammad lived 600 years after Jesus died on the cross. Did the real "conjecture" begin 600 years later?
  6. Since both Daniel and Muhammad claim to have heard from the same spiritual being, the Archangel Gabriel, then words given to Daniel and to Muhammad on the same subject must agree. However, the words written into Daniel and the Qur'an are diametrically opposite concerning Jesus dying as a sacrificial offering.
  7. Simple logic requires logical people to conclude that one of the two prophets was misled. The Dead Sea Scrolls, archaeological finds of the 20th century, and fulfilled prophecy in the 20th and 21st centuries support that Daniel did foretell the future. But Muhammad did not.
    1. DO YOU WANT TO BE SPIRITUALLY DECEIVED? If you have an open mind and will take the time to study in-depth the information on this entire web site, you can begin to answer this important question, "Who is the spiritual being that spoke to Muhammad?"