How Science Relates to Religion
Scientists and Theologians are Talking

Factual Links between Science and Religion

This page gives a quick overview on how science relates to religion. I have created five general links between science and religion as discussed below.

This page permits you to quickly go through the science section before using ideas from Albert Einstein to analyze religion. To discover God is the ultimate discovery.

The Universe had a Beginning

Almost all scientists agree that the universe had a beginning. Support for the universe having a beginning continues to increase as scientific instruments evolve. With each advance in science, greater details and insights increase our confidence that the universe had a beginning. Based on factual evidence, Scientists came up the Big Bang theory to explain the universe. But a universe with a beginning implies that it was created. The beginning universe confirmed by science provides a direct link to ideas and concepts long held by various religions.

"I think there are clearly religious implications whenever you
start to discuss the origins of the universe. There must be
religious overtones
Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time

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Big Bang Theory

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The Universe will End (It's Dying)

Almost all scientists agree that the universe is dying (it will not support life forever) For example, science has concluded that the sun will eventually die, which will be the end of life on planet earth as we know it. In the far distant future, every star in the universe will stop giving light. But a universe that had a beginning and is confirmed to be dying implies that it was created, which links back to religion. Scientists without spiritual viewpoints have difficulty accepting the universe:

"The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more
it also seems pointless...
Steven Weinberg, U.S. Physicist

However, the fact that the universe had a beginning and is destined to end cannot prove that God(s) exists. Regardless of the inability to prove God(s) exists using science alone, the general tendency for all physical things to wear out gives credible support that an outside force or Supreme Being(s) created the universe.

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The Universe is Incapable of Starting Again

The one and only universe that we know exists had a beginning and it will end. It appears that our universe has been created one time. In 1998, a new discovery made by two scientific teams supports these conclusions. They discovered that the universe is getting bigger and bigger at an ever faster pace (accelerating universe). In 2002, the NASA satellite called WMAP found additional scientific evidence to support these conclusions.

"For the theory that fits our data, the universe will expand forever."
NASA Scientific Team

Why is this important?

Some people used to think that the universe would expand to a maximum size, then contract back to a small size and start all over again with another Big Bang (called the oscillating universe). However, since the universe will expand forever, it will never happen.

Since science confirms that the one and only universe we know exists cannot start all over again, the universe appears to have been created.

"This universe is weird. . . . It's creepy!"
Brian P. Schmidt, Team Lead, High Z-SuperNova Search Team
NOVA Documentary "Runaway Universe"
Expresses his feelings about the accelerating universe..

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The Universe Appears to be Designed

The universe is highly ordered and appears to be designed. The very concept of design requires a Designer. Life appears to have been "fine-tuned" by God(s). Many scientists believe in the existence of God(s) due to "fine-tuning" ideas.

But some people do not like the idea that a Designer has designed the universe. In general, scientists will say that God cannot be accepted by science. Because of this, new ways of looking at the universe have evolved. To even begin to understand, you have to use your imagination. Are there unseen universes?

" . . . these appeals to invisible universes have a certain
unpersuasive quality to them: They are reminiscent of
medieval theologians' speculations about the number of
angels that could dance on the head of a pin
Patrick Glynn, God the Evidence page 8.

Is the random generation of life in the universe credible?

No one will ever know if the random universe theory is true based on reason alone or mind-bending experiments. Once again, science relates directly to religion. To believe in the random universe theory requires that a person have "blind faith." There is minimal scientific support since it has been shown that the Big Bang theory requires fine-tuning on the order of at least 10 to the power of 1030.

Unseen Universes:
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Before the Big Bang

Probability of Random Universes
(based on the universe appears to be designed)

The assumption that the Universe does NOT appear to be designed
...or is it designed?

Based on the idea of random universes as compared to a fine-tuned creation, we can only conclude that science by itself does not permit humans to know whether a Supreme Being(s) has created the universe or not. However, the evidence appears to support that the universe has been created based on the evidence for design.

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Albert Einstein's "Key" to Analyze Religion

"Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind."
Albert Einstein, German-born US physicist

Since Einstein was a scientist, how do his ideas relate to studying religion?

Albert Einstein laid the scientific foundation for discussing "time-travel." According to Einstein, if you could travel faster than the speed of light, then you could go back in time. (In theory, you could visit your parents when they were children and play games with them). However, Einstein came to the conclusion that no one will ever be able to time travel to the past. Einstein came up with his ideas by using only his mind. He didn't have modern-day tools to test his ideas. Years later, scientists used tests to verify that Einstein was correct.

The entire physical creation is locked Inside time-space. No one will ever be able to time travel to the past. In contrast, if there is a Creator who exists Outside time-space, then the Creator is not controlled by time-space. The Creator could potentially be present in the past, the present, and the distant future.

From the distant future, God may choose to reveal what is going to happen through a person called a prophet, who is locked inside time. Just as important, the foretold events would have to be consistently accurate (100% of the time) since they come from a Super-Being(s) existing outside time-space. The following graphic shows that information from outside time-space must be consistently accurate about the future.

We conclude that our inability to time-travel appears to be the "key" to finding out if there is a Super-Being(s). This principle permits us to find out whether God has actually revealed spiritual truth through a world religion or all religions.

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Analyze Religious Beliefs Using Einstein's Key

I have chosen to analyze Islam and Christianity based on several common facts between them.

  1. Both faiths claim to have a similar method of receiving revelation from outside time-space (from God). Both faiths claim to have a prophet that received God's word from the same angel, the "Archangel Gabriel."
  2. Both faiths claim to foretell the future, which is required to use Einstein's key.

These common links permit an in-depth and acceptable comparison.

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Analyze Christian Beliefs Using Einstein's Key

If Jesus is indeed the Messiah, then it is certain that Jesus will be the ultimate prophet. This section looks into Jesusí words related to Jerusalem and the Jewish people. These prophecies appear to be coming true in the 20th and 21st centuries.

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Analyze Muslim Beliefs Using Einstein's Key

If Muhammad is indeed the final prophet of Allah, then it is certain that Muhammad's words will be superior. This section looks into Muhammadís words in the Qur'an. Of special interest are Muhammad's words about the Jewish people.

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